Circular projects from Finch Buildings are eligible for the MIA scheme

Currently, building circular projects often still costs more than building traditional construction projects. From the national government, the Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA) has been created. This is to achieve the established circular and sustainable objectives. This MIA scheme offers good opportunities for builders to realize circular projects that are financially attractive to clients. 

At Finch Buildings, we now have four projects that have qualified for this MIA scheme. Of these, 3 have already been built and construction of the 4th project started. We have experience and are happy to explain how we meet this requirement. 

Mia Vamil Finch Buildings

What must circular projects meet to qualify for the MIA scheme?

From 2020, within the MIA, the subsidy for circular homes exists. Since the introduction of this subsidy, clients of Finch Buildings have been awarded the MIA scheme. This for the projects: M'DAM, The Reed Bunting, Timberhouse, Koelmalaan. To qualify, buildings had to meet a number of requirements. 

Circular construction projects
Project M'DAM, largest solid wood residential building in the Netherlands.

The main requirements a circular home must meet are1

  • The wood used must be demonstrably sustainably certified wood be. For this, the general contractor must demonstrate that the wood used is supplied and processed according to the desired standards and guidelines. 
  • The MPG of the project is maximum €0.5. The MPG to meet building code is currently €0.8. In this MPG calculation, renewable energy generation facilities need not be included as they are considered part of the circular building.
  • The building serves for at least 50% on a volume basis to consist of biobased materials. OR is built with at least five building materials or three building materials and a device within a building facility with a category 1 product card in the NMD 

It is not possible for every builder to meet these requirements. Because the shell of our building system is constructed entirely of CLT, our structures effortlessly meet current regulations.

What can Finch Buildings do for your organization?

At Finch Buildings, we are experienced in providing guidance and implementation in the MIA process. Thanks to the case studies that have already been done and the forgiveness of the MIA scheme, we know when a project satisfies to qualify for the MIA scheme. We can see at an early stage whether the project to be built meets all the requirements, which ultimately leads to a tax benefit. 

Are you curious about the possibilities with Finch in your project at your location, or would you like to receive a brochure? Then please contact us via the contact form.

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