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As the proverb goes; we intend to go far, therefore we must go together. We can never achieve our goals and make the necessary impact alone. Without our partners, none of this would be possible. That's why we have established a team of experienced, trusted partners across various areas of our business. From the very first sketch to the management of your property, and from financing to project development. We have you covered.

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Finch Buildings operates independently with various partners across different specialties. This allows us to offer the best solution for every project. We currently have two manufacturing partners to serve our Benelux market. De Groot Vroomshoop and Jumatt, both experts in industrial modular timber construction.



In addition to our long-standing partners, we love connecting with likeminded people.
We particularly thrive on collaborating with other architects and contractors in our projects and we're happy to share our process with you.So give us a call or send us a message, we're here to help.