Timber residential tower 'Timber House' reaches highest point

Timber House residential tower reaches highest point

Last week, the highest point of the wooden residential tower in Belly sandwich celebrated. A milestone in wood module construction, because high-rise construction is thus possible! Construction is fast, clean and circular. A team effort that we delivered with De Groot Vroomshoop and real estate developer and manager Coltavast.

Apartments in the wooden residential tower for rent in the free sector

The residential tower has seven floors. Consisting of 22 all-wood apartments intended for rental in the free sector. The plinth below provides space for offices and commercial infill. The wooden modules that make up the building have already been fitted with installations and plumbing in the Factory of Wooden Buildings and prepared there for transport to the construction site. This saves construction time and storage on site. This efficient production process already saves a maximum amount of CO2 compared to traditional construction. In addition, the building stores another more than 410 tons of CO2, equal to the annual electricity consumption of 460 households. The wooden building has a permanent quality, but is fully adaptable to a changing context. The wooden modules are demountable, reusable, movable and reconfigurable.

The residential tower in Buiksloterham will be completed in the spring of 2022!

Looking down from the Timber House residential tower

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