Temporary with quality: Leiden opts for Finch buildings

Our goal and the municipality of Leiden choose durable solid wood modules to accommodate a mix of target groups, including status holders

Finch buildings, together with the Housing Foundation, have our goal and the municipality of Leiden concluded an agreement to build residential units on the Sumatra street. The project consisting of the construction of 16 Finch modules will be realised in early 2017. Together, the parties have innovated when it comes to the implementation of temporary spatial development.

Leiden is the first municipality in the Netherlands that has given a guarantee to move the modules – after a first temporary destination – to elsewhere in the municipality. This form of guarantee on land is also called the ground subscription. With this commitment, housing Foundation has enabled our goal to acquire the high-quality product of Finch buildings, instead of low-value containers or unit construction that are often ripe for demolition after ten years. Because the municipality has made a longer-term pledge of land, quality is made possible in temporality. And that's new in the Netherlands.