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Finch Current

Alkmaar front view

Finch Buildings is going to build in Alkmaar!

The sixth project of Finch Buildings is official: after Hoofddorp, Amsterdam, Oppenhuizen, Leiden and Tilburg we go to Alkmaar! On August 1, 2019, the municipality of Alkmaar has issued the environmental permit for the construction of 38 residential studios on the Cornelis Buysstraat and the Van Oostsanenkade in Alkmaar. The first groundwork will take place at the beginning of November and the building will be completed in February 2020. Finch Buildings' solid wood studios are intended for young people aged between 18 and 28 and will be operated on a permanent basis at various locations.

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We will stay in North Holland for a while, because our project in Monnickendam is also getting closer and closer. The environmental permit was issued earlier this year. At the moment, the so-called views of directly interested parties are being dealt with by the municipality. This procedure has to be gone through and completed before we can definitively go on sale.

go. It's already possible to register for the apartments. Check the website for more information about the apartments and the project!

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Finch Media

Timber builders

Sunday 20 October 2019, Tegenlicht explained why building with wood is the future. Nice to see that our vision is shared! Did you know that the cement industry, for example, is already responsible for 9% of global CO2 emissions? This in contrast to the 3% of the aviation sector.

Wondering how Finch can help to make this system change possible? The coffee is ready!

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The Green Quest

Earlier this year our founder Jurrian Knijtijzer was a guest at BNR Nieuwsradio during the broadcast of The Green Quest to talk about Finch Buildings.

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Finch Inspiration


The possibilities of building with solid wood are endless! This is shown by the Mjøstårnet building, currently the tallest wooden tower in the world. The building consists entirely of solid wood and was recently opened in Norway. With its 85.4 meters it is also the fourth tallest building in Norway!

What the Norwegians can do, we can do! We have already made a design of our own 'Finch Tower'. The sky is the limit!

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Finch Facts

Build with Finch and let forests grow

Did you know that building with Finch modules contributes to the growth of forests? Because we replant 5 trees for every 3 trees felled, the forests grow on balance after each new project. In fact, the forests will grow as we apply sustainable forest management on an even larger scale. By making high-grade applications of the production wood, we ensure a maximum storage of CO2 up to the length of days. The circular design ensures that the elements in the building (e.g. walls, ceilings, floors, window frames) can still be (re)used for many more cycles. We have outlined it schematically in the infographic below.

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