Modular construction system reduces inconvenience during construction

What's it like to live next to a Finch Buildings construction site? That's where Sander Beukhof   Francien Griffin all of it!

As one of the first residents of the new urban district of Buiksloterham, they have seen the area around them transformed at breakneck speed, but what they believe was really fast was the construction of Timberhouse. Our project which is built using a modular construction system.

"We moved into Buiksloterham together at the end of 2019. The building we moved into was the first building to be completed here and around us everything was really still a bare construction site.

Almost immediately, because of Corona, we had to work from home. That meant, given the location, that we experienced a lot of construction around us. That is something you know in advance but you still hope that the inconvenience is not as bad as expected.

modular building system for Buiksloterham residents
Sander Beukhof and Francien Griffioen

So it was nice for us to see that things could be done differently. We were surprised by the speed of the construction of Timberhouse. Every Monday morning you could see the first trucks arriving with a module and by the end of the day there was another floor on top.

In addition, it is very pleasant for local residents that, unlike traditional construction, this involves much less noise pollution and that there is not an ugly and empty shell for a long time. As far as we are concerned, modular construction is a good way to minimize nuisance during construction."

Of course, without our partners, this would never have been possible!

The Groot Vroomshoop Groep | Real estate investor Coltavast | Aveco de Bondt | Loohuis Installation group B.V. | Gert-Jan van Amerongen | Jurrian Knijtijzer