Flex housing and Finch Buildings, how do we address this?

Can flex housing help solve the pressing housing demand in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area? And what will they look like?

Sander Fletterman has on behalf of Finch Buildings gave a short pitch. We are able to build flex housing in the short term but with the requirement that it be operated permanently afterwards. An example of such a project is the project Reed bunting in Gouda.

Nowhere in the Netherlands is the shortage of housing as great as in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA). Sufficient new construction cannot be realized in the short term. Creative solutions are therefore needed. In the Woondeal, the MRA municipalities have agreed to build 3,000 flex homes in 5 years. In the new coalition agreement, the government goes a step further and makes 3000 per year fromWhere will the MRA municipalities get those homes? Where will we find the space and what will they look like?

This meeting will introduce you to some innovative forms of flex living. Also on the table will be the results of an Inbo study on the possibilities for rapid realization of good flex living projects.