Finch shows module at Dutch Design Week

From 22 to 30 October on the town Hall Square in Eindhoven


Finch buildings exhibits its transformed housing module as part of the exposition of the COA ' a home away from home '. As a winner we were allowed to participate in the Dutch Design Week And make an investment in the development of the product.

The public and business interested parties can Come and take a look at the module And be informed about the circular, energy-efficient design.

Tested by asylum seekers
The COA saw during the progress of the contest that Finch buildings with its product was a step further than other participants and has challenged the team to build and set up a housing unit in such a way that with different group compositions Can be temporarily inhabited at asylum centres. Finch buildings chooses to make this test phase transparent and will pay attention to this during the exhibition.

Housing is housing
An important argument why Finch buildings belongs to the winners is that the design is so attractive that it can be occupied by everyone and not only by status holders. The modules are customizable from within which makes a second life not a question but a rule. The wood gives a healthy and pleasant living environment and the houses have a warm design according to connoisseurs. The fact that everyone would like to live in it means that the acceptance of the buildings in a neighbourhood is high and that there can be flexible and mixed in house. An absolute requirement of many municipalities.

Housing corporations and the flexibility of Finch
In collaboration with Platform OpnieuwThuis (the partnership of the Empire, VNG, IPO, COA and Aedes), housing corporations, municipalities and developers are also invited to inform themselves about possibilities how to operate new house hunters with New sustainable solutions. The market demand is there, the innovations and the resources too. The matchmaking and open conversations are already taking place. The flexibility that Finch offers and the ability to grow or shrink buildings, appeals to the municipalities and their housing corporations.