In steps the desired result

The Finch Buildings process
  • You work in one of the most polluting industries in the world: construction.
  • You need a solution that you can integrate into your existing operations.
  • Finch Buildings is a systems shed and guides clients, architects, factories and builder who want to take the step to further future-proof their operations.
  • Finch Buildings distinguishes between factory work (modules) and site work (traditional builder). The factory supplies modules to the builder.

The diagram to the right shows what a process with Finch Buildings might look like.


At an early stage, we are happy to think with you to investigate whether Finch Buildings fits your initiative. You will then know if your project is suitable to implement the modular Finch Buildings system.


The architect works with Finch Buildings to develop the plan. Finch Buildings brings its own consultants in the field of construction and building physics, for the modular part. Naturally and preferably, these consultants can also be the lead consultants on the project.

Partner selection:

During the design process, Finch Buildings can organize selections with its client for both the factory and the construction partner. Thus, market conformity is guaranteed.
Our preference is to make a selection early on, based on vision and capacity, in addition to forming a construction team within which the pricing takes place.

Realization agreement:

Finch Buildings coordinates the realization agreement together with the client. The builder (and in the case of subcontracting, the factory) are contracting parties.


Finch Buildings, together with the factory, coordinates the realization of the modules. The builder does not. This allows the builder's tail to come down.


Main contractor is responsible for aftercare. The factory of the modules is thereby a subcontractor of the builder. Finch Buildings helps in the contract phase to structure the guarantees.