Research on material optimization

At Finch Buildings we strive to design a fully circular and sustainable house. This greatly influences the choice of building materials. That is why we are constantly asking ourselves whether it is even better. This search is a lot of cooperation with external parties.

Beta-range students from the University of Amsterdam have conducted a material optimization study under the guidance of the Rock Group. An advisory report on material optimisation has been prepared for Finch buildings. This report examines alternative building materials for the insulation, roofing, shower wall and bathroom floor. Building materials must meet the requirements of a circular economy and produce as few CO2 emissions as possible during production and use. To investigate this, a cost/impact analysis has been carried out on the basis of the environmental classifications of the Netherlands Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (NIBE).

It has been concluded that Finch buildings for the thermal insulation and floor covering are all using the most durable and circular material. There is still optimization to be attained for the roofing. It should be noted that the proposed alternatives to roofing materials require a higher investment. A new development in the future is possible a green roof.