Our mission

Our ambition as a foundation is to enable affordable and safe living in deltas and developing economies. We are going to build locally with as many local materials as possible and of course in collaboration with the local population.

This will start in the Pampanga Delta, but people in the rest of the Philippines have to deal with housing shortages and flooding as well. Therefore, our ambition does not stop in Central Luzon, because a large part of the world’s population lives in coastal areas that often have to deal with flooding. Examples are Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Ultimately, we want to offer everyone dry feet.

Our story

Growing up in the Netherlands, we have learned what is to live in a flood-prone delta. Over hundreds of years people have learned how to live with the water, through flood protection, but also by living on the water in houseboats. Also, through our personal experience with living in a flood-prone area in the Philippines, we have experienced the urgency of a floating home. The great local demand for safe housing motivates us to do everything we can to ensure that we can help people there.

Our market

After building the first pilot home, we want to set up a local company in the Philippines. We want to prefabricate and sell the tried and tested product with its unique design on a large scale to municipalities, organizations, investors and families.

Our floating home makes it possible to live in places which are not suitable for regular housing. Hereby, we offer a solution for the housing shortage. The housing shortage in the Philippines is estimated at around 5.7 million. The majority of the housing shortage takes place in the coastal areas in the lower and middle-income classes. Finch Floating Homes wants to make it possible for these people to live affordable and safe.

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