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We want to make sustainable buildings available to everyone. Currently, we only supply companies, such as housing corporations, project developers, health care agencies and hotels. A project starts with a minimum of 10 modules.

The Finch modules meet the new building requirements of the construction decree. The modules conform by default to the EPC requirement of ≤ 0.4 or if desired EPC 0.0. Finch buildings are permanent premises that can be moved if necessary without loss of quality.

Yes, the Finch modules can be stacked 7 layers high without auxiliary constructions. As a result, inner-city building is well possible. Higher is possible on request.

A tree takes in his life CO2 from the atmosphere. When a tree dies and rots, this CO2 released again. When a tree is cut down and used for our buildings, the CO2 contained in the wood. The wood in a Finch module imposes 11,780kg of CO2 fixed*. This is equivalent to the emissions of 74,520km of exhaust from a middle-class car. Or the emissions to generate the energy of 12 households in one year. It is also equivalent to 27 years of healthy air for an average person to breathe.

*: the limited CO2 emission that occurs during sawing, drying and transport is not included in the calculation. Also the proportional CO2-emissions saved by not working with concrete or steel is not included.

No, we only work with certified wood species (FSC and PEFC). This means that the roof is professionally managed and the ecological balance is maintained. Moreover, more is planted back than is felled and European forests are even growing. Every five (!) seconds a Finch module grows in the European coniferous forests.

Finch modules meet all the latest requirements of Dutch building regulations, including in the area of fire safety. Solid wood has the characteristic to form a seam when it's on fire, causing the fire to stop. Thereby it performs even better than other building materials.

Finch Buildings makes permanent buildings with a long life span. The hull, like in canal houses and farms, lasts for hundreds of years and still is in a fine condition. The cladding needs maintenance or some parts need replacement after a period of time.


Finch modules differ in configuration and price. Depending on the hull, exterior, interior, balcony and installations different Finch modules are available. We would like to make you an offer for your particular project.

In cooperation with our partners we can also take care of you completely. From the very first sketch to the management name of your building. Finch and its partners can also play a role in financing or project development. Of course you can also nominate your own partners for a project.

Finch Buildings does not yet supply to individuals. However, you can order as a collective with several other buyers. In the case of a joint project of at least 10 modules, it's possible to order.

The minimum energy charges per module vary by situation. The performance is based on the Energy index (EI). We offer three options in EI value: between 1,4 and 1,8, between 0.6 and 0.8 and lower than 0.6. In addition, our modules are optionally 'nearly zero-energy' or 'nearly zero-energy-ready'.

The modules are all-electric and not provided with a gas connection. The modules are plug-and-play and therefore easy to connect to existing utilities. The rate is different per project.


The Finch modules are equipped with an air-to-water heat pump. This serves both for heating and for tap water. The heat pump is in the technical area.

The facade consists of Western Red Cedar (WRC). WRC is a type of wood that in a Dutch climate is very low maintenance. Other cladding types and materials are also possible to fit with a certain environment and wishes.

The modules can be supplied with or without floor finish.

The walls and ceiling are made of solid, cross-glued laminated timber (CLT), equipped with a transparent layer. This gives the home a warm atmosphere. If desired, the walls can be papered or painted. The same applies for the ceiling.

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